IDD x Milan Design Week

As you know Milan Design week has now come and gone leaving us with design tastes and cravings for something different at home. Following the days of return from Milano, we got straight to work with the newfound inspirations that we fell behind sharing our thoughts of what we found to be quite inspiring, so we know this posts is long over due, which is why we wanted to make sure to post at least before it's completely irrelevant.

We were so privileged to be in attendance of some of the best private dinners and events throughout the week, which were nothing short of amazing, and although the nights were full of good fare and fun, it is what we found during the days to be most stimulating...

The innovative showrooms and Installations by some of the World's leading designers..

The wallpaper by Wall and Deco
This wallpaper by Wall and Deco 😍😍😍

The Observatory Collection lines, Eclipse, Orion, Aurora, and Tidal.
These chandeliers designed by Lee Broom and his debut Observatory collection.

Dimore Gallery showcase at Milan Design Week 2018
This insane installation by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran for the Dimore Gallery

6th Edition of the Pet Lamp Project
The Pet Lamp Project by Alvaro Catalan De Ocon

Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades
Louis Vuitton's Objets Nomades installation by Atelier Oi of origami

The Obliteracii by Yayo Kusama

To say the least Milano was everything design dreams are made of, but nothing was more compelling than what we saw from Visionnaire Home Philosophy and the 2018 Respiro Collection, and we can't wait ti show it to you, and exclusively release it this summer in Los Angeles at the Grand Opening event, please make sure you visit to sign up and RSVP for the inaugural event.

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