Alex Turco

Designer - Decorative Art Panel 


Alex Turco was born in Udine, Italy. As a young man, his father was an excellent painter before becoming a graphic designer and then a photographer, as he still is today. Right from the start of when . He grew up with paints and brushes as his everyday toys, and was in daily contact with all that his father used and learned many different artistic techniques, including some which are no longer used today.

In 2006 he moved to Milan, the home of design and fashion, to start his first business project which would come to be known as
"ALEXTURCO New.Pics.Art" which was created to manufacture and sell Alex Turco's creations in the field of interior design and applied art. The company was immediately successful with the Milan jet set, and many well known televisions, movies and music celebrities, as well as important business people.

Today, Alex Turco art and resin decorative panels can be viewed  in some of the most beautiful  homes around the world, hotels, and high end luxury stores like the Louis Vuitton Store on Rodeo Beverly Hills, or on the ceiling at the Christian Dior boutique in Seoul.

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Alex Turco 2017